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Our Campaign

Wasabi Transformations "campaign projects"  is a series of humanitarian activities that are coordinated to promote nostalgic garments to raise awareness for holistic mental health and reading literacy. 

Play Your Hand

PYH is a adult book drive primarily to promote healthy self-care including relaxing, reducing  stress, and improving ones mental health. This book drive also aims to learn about new novel literature  that can help encourage others and reach individuals 18 and older.


Make A Difference With Excellence & Pride

This campaign  fund helps Voorhees University students through the Voorhees University National Alumni Association efforts to help provide support including annual scholarships, effective and valuable resources and humanitarians activities that will potentially  increase their progress toward earning their degree and becoming productive members of  society. 

Make A Difference With Pride & Excellence Fund (4)_edited.jpg

Wasabi Transformations

Building Resilience 24/7

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