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Our Advocacy 

Through our advocacy project, people will be aware of the aspects of mental health including experiences and wellness. They will be empowered to understand what mental health is through acts of mindfulness, reading literacy, and setting short-term and long-term self goals.

Adult Self-Help Book Donation Drive

The Wasabi Transformations "Adult Self-Help Book Drive" inspires adults to take time for themselves after reading books focusing on mental wellness, resiliency, self-love, soul-care, empowerment, wisdom, and healing. These books will encourage them to walk in their PURPOSE and motivate them to find solutions to the adversity they may face.


How You Can #BookItForward In Our Project?

It's easy to #BookItForward. Just post a picture of you with the book(s) you donated on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag @wasabitransformationsllc_sc using hashtags #bookitforward and #wasabitransformer. The founder VANESSA JENNINGS will tag & post randomly selected photos and/or reels to add to the Wasabi Transformations feed, helping to build resiliency 24/7.

Open Book

Become A Partner

Wasabi Transformations LLC clothing brand wants to paint the importance of destigmatizing mental health through empathy, wisdom, and healing.  We hope your business/organization will be our next partner. Join us in bringing light into seasons of darkness through emotional and social support for everyone.

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