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About Us

Everything you need to know about your fave awareness brand.

Wasabi Transformations LLC is a cognizance awareness clothing brand created in 2019 by Dr. Vanessa R. Jennings, a native of Sumter, South Carolina. A social change agent who's passionate about uplifting the promotion of holistic mental health awareness.

Dr. Vanessa's experience for the sake of adversity and her compassion to make a difference in the life of others is one she uses as a sense of empowerment for Wasabi Transformations garments that are fashioned with resiliency and empathy. As a woman, who always finds a way to smile despite the rushing of life circumstances, she found her voice. Finding her voice gave her the notion to create clothing with empowering and educating messages to reflect the limited awareness of mental health in urban and other underserved communities. 


Our mission is to change  the narrative about mental health in urban and other underserved communities.

Investing in yourself holistically brings healing, resilience, and wisdom.

"Building Resilience 24/7".

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